A Franchise Is Much More Than The Use Of An Established Name. It Gives You A Business Concept That Has Already Been Tested.

  • It can be risky to start a new business; the market usually does not react well to inexperienced operators. You’ll most likely find yourself being run by the competition.
  • United’s business-format franchising allows the franchiser to be well-experienced, as they have already gone through the series of trial and error and passed the learning curve. Franchisees learn from the franchisor’s experiences and knowledge, and uses that to minimize risk and maximize success.
  • There are three basic elements of franchising that merge to ensure your success: A brand name that creates an image for your enterprise, operating systems that direct your business in servicing customers, and support services to further develop your business abilities. Franchising is a proven way to build a business. As an entrepreneur, you have the ability to make the most of your skills, and take your business to the next level.

Our Unique Operating Formula Provides One-Of-A-Kind Support Services In The Following Key Areas.

  • Training – United’s initial training program is designed to teach you the management, marketing and operational techniques of the car rental business
  • Support – United’s Franchise Services Team gives each franchisee a personal business consultant, so you’ll have someone to help you open and expand your business.
  • Leasing – United has strong relationships with top financial institutions, so we can provide opportunities for low financing rates and credit lines; much better than what local banks can
  • Insurance – United’s insurance program, with its outstanding claims service and very competitive rates, is the most progressive insurance programs today.
  • Car acquisition – United’s ongoing business with major car dealers like, Toyota, Honda and more, allows us to acquire cars at highly competitive prices

At United Car and Truck Rentals, we operate and franchise locations all over Canada. Because of our incomparable customer service, diverse fleet, and fare rates, United is able to keep its reputation as one of the up-and-coming midsize rental companies in the industry.

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